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About us

Established in the Year 1998, Our business was started specializing in electronics & electrical test and measuring equipments . We have since participated frequently in various electronics, electrical, HVAC & process trade shows as well as many jointly organised seminars, road shows with our principals. These marketing activities inevitably helped us to expand our product range and customer base

We have successfully Cinched the Sole Distributorship Environmental Equipment Products mainly include: Programmable Temperature & Humidity Chamber、Thermal Shock Tester、Walk-In Environmental Test Room、LCM (LCD) Aging Chamber、Salt Spray Tester、Aging Oven、Temperature and Humidity & Vibration Combined Test Chamber, Steam Aging Tester and etc.

Our Products

Presently, We are represently renowned brands of Test Equipments include TEKTRONIX, FLUKE, MEGGER, KEYSIGHT, CHROMA, GW INSTEK etc . Beside handling Sales and Marketing for Our Products, We also Provide Value added Services like Repair and Calibration for Our Range of Products.

SECUTECHNIK Specialises in the distribution of High-Quality safety products. It develops and markets products for areas including the industrial and logistics sectors and car parks Safety Products include Anti Slip Solution, Warning and Protective Bumper Guards, Photoluminous Safety Guidance System ( Glow in the Darks

Our Value

The entire sales and service team are driven to provide high quality services and solution to acheive maximum customer satisfaction. We are dedicated to fostering strong business relationship with our suppliers and to constantly review our management strategy thereby creating a positive and creative corporate culture.

Our Vision

We ever striving to be a leading one stop test & measuring equipment solution provider for both local and regional industrial consumers


Address: JL. Bunga Raya, Komplek Ruko Baloi Kusuma Indah Blok A No 13 Batam 29444,Indonesia
Tel. +62 778 432336
Fax +62 778 432336